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  Mission Possible: Six Key Elements to a Good Mission Statement  

By John M. Collard

When was the last time you read your company's mission statement? What did it say to you? More importantly, what does it really convey to others? Thousands of businesses have mission statements, but few have a mission statement that serves their intended purpose.

Where is your company going? What does it do? These words are supposed to inspire and guide you and your employees every working day and hour, whether your business is coming up ahead, lagging behind, or just sitting in the middle.

Yet all too often, a mission statement comes up short; it may say something nebulous such as "The mission of our company is to provide excellence and quality for all of our customers." While these ideals are fine, they are basically expected. Most managers acknowledge that the company that they work for is going to want to provide excellence and quality for all of its customers. The words do not give constructive guidance to management and professionals in their daily work lives. And a customer reading such a plaque over the receptionist's desk doesn't really get a feel for what the company does or why it is different from its competitors.


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